About Me

Welcome to Se7en, This blog started when I left my full-time job on January 11, 2014 to pursue what ever it was God has for me. At that time I believed it to be full time ministry. It has been a roller coaster ride of faith and emotions ever since. I wish I had more blogs from the day I left that job till now. I soon discovered “full time ministry” wasn’t what I thought it would be (whether I realized it or not) We are all in full time ministry, every moment of every day. This was a lesson that had taken me 4 years to absorb.

I am reworking this site to better reflect the reality of my life. God is so amazing and works things in our lives together so intricately it is hard to do it justice with words on a page. This will be my best attempt.

I pray to bring glory to God through these entries and stories of my experiences with Him. I pray for those reading that something along the way might speak to you and strengthen your faith and belief in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Se7en, Is the name that I gave “my ministry” when I “started”.  It has taken on an entire meaning now and isn’t a place or a thing. Se7en is a way of being or doing things.

It is Gods number and occurs many times in the Bible. The number seven represents completion and that it the main goal of Se7en. We (some friends and I) strive to help others complete the missions they have started. At one time we helped raise funds for many different organization and international workers all over the world. Perhaps we will be lead to do that again in the near future.

Please join me in my journey through faith and the unknown.

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