365 days with Jesus- Days 1-5

Warning I am writing this from my phone and will make an attempt to have all the spelling correct but I’m not making any promises so I apologize in advance for errors.
Now that that has been said.
My last day at my “real job” was almost a week ago. I am following my calling to be in ministry full time. The building I live in if you have read any of my other posts is less then usual. It’s a big wear house. I’m the only person that lives in it and I Iive here because God told me to move here in April of 2012.
I was at my last job for 5 years and in the same field for 9 years. I have prayed the last 2 years about what Gods will is for me and the purpose of me being in this building. I have gotten answers. Too many to share in the blog post.
That is why I think I will blog the next 365 days as I pray and follow God. So others can see the way He can speak into your life.
So how have my first 5 days off been? Well I haven’t had running water at home for the past 10. So I have felt very displaced. Monday felt like a I was on long weekend. Tuesday I felt free as a bird and amazing. Wednesday I felt confused and frustrated because I’m working on things I don’t know much about. And now Thursday… We will see how today is. I’m still without water and all I want to do right now is shower and brush my teeth. Thankfully I have some bottled water so I can brush my teeth. It’s like I’m on a mission trip in another country in my own house. Doesn’t bother me too much really.
Had a meeting with a woman in ministry here in Cleveland and we are excited to work with each other. I also have a photographer lined up for the first gallery show.
Now I need to get a contract together, renovate, get some advertising designed and printed, oh and get some money together to do all that.
So that’s my idea of how I need to proceed. Now the best part of my day.
Heavenly Father- I turn all these ideas over to you. I pray for your will in these days to come and pray you show me your perfect will for this ministry and how it will work and come together. I pray for you to guide me and to put me in the path of the people you would have me meet today. I pray you help me hand over my idea of how this should work and how this should go together. I pray For provision through out my day and throughout the building process of this ministry you have called me to. I know you will provide and you will show me these things Father. I pray you give me the sight to see them and the knowledge to use the resources you send me in a way that is pleasing to you. I pray that you would be with me and that I would feel your presents close to me through this day and all other days.
I pray you bless the meeting I am about to attend and that you would help me to make the choice of being a house church or not. I thank you for your Grace over me and pray all I do brings glory to you.
In Jesus name- amen

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