I think it’s time to get outta here

I have wanted to go cross country for a long time. I have had ideas of going by train, by car, by motor home and even by scooter or bicycle.
I want to have an epic journey of mass proportion that is life changing and eye opening. And If that fails at least I can see the rest of this awesome country I loie in, and talk to people about Jesus.
I have never been farther west then St. Louis Missouri. I’m going to be 36 at the end of the month, I have been divorced and I have no children. I feel just as lost and clueless as I did many years ago.
I have walked the crazy path of self distraction and lived. I have tried to get things right on my own and failed. I have turned my life over to God and sold out to Jesus and even left my job to do great things in His name. That is something I was succeeding in!
Yet I still feel like there is something I’m not doing. I still feel I need to trust more and get closer to the creator.
How do I do that? I pray and He answers. Sometimes right away and sometimes after I have lost my patience.
I feel like I keep starting over and over again. Am I trying to live up to some unknown expectation I have somehow put on myself. Some ideal that I can’t even define.
I know that God put me here for a reason. Yet, I don’t thinks it’s for some grand monumental movement. I think it’s very simple and I keep trying to make it more grand and complicated. God put us here to love Him and love others and to share His word. Period.
This doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to be stressful! It shouldn’t be stressful!
I think the rest of what we do with our lives is preference. If we do what we wan to do, but do it with God in our hearts and follow His command to love and share his word He will bless our efforts.
So, on that note it comes down to preference.
I prefer to travel and share Gods truth then to share it at a job that over works me and stresses me out.
I prefer to open my own business then work for someone else and I prefer to have the freedom to make money when needed and to let God have the room to provide and work miracles in my life.
So, then all I need to do is let God show me the steps. God does provide but He does help those who help themselves. That is a hard thing to find balance with.
I believe the time I have gone without working was a season for me to see how simple serving God really is. It was to show me He will undoubtedly provide when I trust Him fully.
I believe it was a season to increase my faith and strengthen me.
Just not working and telling people how God provides has inspired people and brought great glory to God. And that’s the point. To glorify Him. So even if Se7en Missions never opens a building with a coffee shop or art gallery and just continues helping people and PRAISE from the Rooftops hosted at different locations, it is still what God intended it to be. Worship to Him and glory being brought to His name.
So, I think the only thing left to do now is plan my “epic journey” get some work to get some money together and get going!
I will of course continue to work on my plans for Se7en and pray and see where God leads. But, a 3-4 week journey will rejuvenate and energize my soul.
God – I pray you hear my prayers and bless this journey and allow me to cross paths with many people who need you. I pray you use me during this journey to bring glory to your name and to inspire others to live their lives more for you. I pray that if a blog is a part of this journey you help me to write the things that would help others. I pray that you would make it clear if there are others who are supposed to join me. I pray you show me who they are and what part of the journey they will be taking with me.
I thank you for all those who support me and my unconventional sometimes over zealous pursuit of you and your will.
I pray you give me dates and routes and funds to make this trip safe and glorifying to you.