I think its time to get out of here – part 2

I don’t even know if anyone reads this blog.  But, if anyone has been reading and wonders if this trip has happened, the simple answer is NO.  I feel it will happen some day.  Just waiting on the Lord to show me how and when.
I am in a strange season of trusting and balance.  These things both tend to freak me out.  I am generally all or nothing, black or white, on or off.  I am not used to content, and patient.  I am not used to generally trusting and knowing things will work out as they should  with out excessive amounts of prayer.  It makes me uneasy sometimes when I relax and really  let God take the wheel.  I usually feel anxious and out of control.  Even worse the enemy tries to tell me lies of my laziness when I step back and trust God with everything.  These are not feelings I have been battling with lately.  I am happy to say I am finally becoming comfortable with some balance and some actual peace.

I will keep praying about this trip.  I know it is coming one day. But, I will wait on the Lord for direction as to when. Not gonna lie, at times I feel it would be the best solution just to pick up and Go, but, something will not allow me to do that right now. Maybe, tomorrow or some day soon, maybe years from now. Who knows.  Following God feels like chasing a ghost to me sometimes. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. He always proves to know more then me.