Day 300

So today is day 300 since I left my

“real job.”

I feel like nothing great or amazing has happened. Only it has.

I have learned I am a very undisciplined blogger first of all. I need to fix that. I think its going to be a huge part of the next season in this journey I am on.

Second: I need to stop being afraid of who might see or read what I say and what they might think.
This is a life that God has given me to live. No one else.

Third: I am tired of feeling like I will never get somewhere. Where is this somewhere? And why do I desire it so bad? Is it the desire to wake up over and over and do the same thing always? For some it is. For some it is steady work a nice home and comfort. It is knowing how your day will go and being able to manage your day so it all flows relatively easily.

Fourth: I have learned that is not my somewhere. I don’t like the same thing every day, I don’t care about money as long as I’m feed and have clothes that are right for my surroundings. I don’t want to borrow money to buy things I don’t have. But, realize I need to pay the debts I have acquired during this life.

God has made me like I am. Unique, quirky, eccentric and funny. I am creative and my mind is full of things some people wish they could think of. I’m not bragging I’m just finally owning who I am. I have gifts and talents that may seem simple,  but in the right context they are the most important skills a person can have.
I feel God preparing me for the next stage.  It isn’t at all what I thought it might be and I am ok with that.
I will be taking the next 2 weeks to pray and write and really seek Gods will in this.
Not to say my current path isn’t the right one. I just feel a huge turn coming on that path.

* Father- I pray for your guidance and clarity as I prepare to spend time with you. Show me where we go next.
– In Jesus Name- Amen

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