God vs Man- How Do We Love our Enemy?

So Man is my biggest foe. God is the commander of my army yet I still take orders and listen to the opposing force. Wait… that doesn’t make sense. How can you fight a war and expect to win if you take orders from the very enemy you aim to destroy?
That isn’t even the biggest problem with what is happening. The biggest problem is most of us don’t even see the enemy as an enemy. We see co workers that P us off, family issues that drive us crazy, traffic jams, bank account woes and late bill payments. We see people who “just don’t get it” and keep thinking over and over again that “if things would just be____ (fill in that blank as you wish) then everything would be fine and I would be happy, content, at peace.

So, this enemy… he hides in plain sight! He’s right in your face! People who study war would tell you how smart that is. It is unsuspecting and innocent looking. Its a gift of a hollow horse full of enemy forces waiting to burn your life down as you sleep.

I want to try and explain something very important. The actual people are not the enemy! The situations, circumstances, and the way we think when controlled by the enemy is the enemy. My sister is not my foe or someone to battle with, the irritation and the thoughts the enemy can make you think when you begin to disagree and the small little thing starts pinning you up against each other like there is a world war about to start, now that is sparked by the enemy. He tries to separate Gods believers, he tries to keep believers from having a good influence on non believers he tries to prevent us from traveling to share Gods word, he tries to cripple us with fear of stepping out for God in blind faith.

If there is one thing this journey is teaching me, it is that the enemy hates bold steps made in faith when it seems like the most irrational thing to do.
Yet, I find that when those fears are met head on with a faith that tells me God wins and I’m on that side. It is easier to face that enemy and step out into the darkness.

So the first way to love your enemy is realizing that that person in front of you isn’t the enemy. They are just the Trojan Horse. The enemy is the unseen force inside that is waiting for an insecurity to exploit a weak spot in the armor to be shown or a default in character that he cant wait to see let loose on some one.
Another important note, it isn’t always the enemy! We are flash and blood and flawed and fallible. Sometimes it is our our flesh. In general I think it all starts with our own flesh. The enemy is just an opportunist that has impeccable timing.

These are all the more reasons to draw close to the Lord and ask to be refined and ask for guidance and growth. To allow God to work in us, so the enemy has less of us, to use against us. The more like Christ we become the less flesh the enemy will have available to him. So first step, in loving our enemies is to Love God and allow Him to work in us, stay close to Him and live in His Spirit.

Then we will begin to see others as He sees them. The more clearly we will be able to see they are not actually the enemy. This is especially true with people who aren’t walking with God. They don’t have the guidance from the Lord we have. Next time your boss starts freaking out or treats you in a way that just makes your blood boil, do this. Picture that person standing in eternity with no God, now picture them being used by the enemy as his pawn in an epic battle of the ages. Picture them worn down by trying to do life on their own without God. Picture them alone, hurting, separated from the only thing that could possible give them any hope in this world. Now, imagine them as a drowning person in a sea or deception and grief sinking deep into the world and the enemies lies of how things should be. Picture them with no hope and no way out. Now, imagine you are standing on the shore of this sea or better yet, you are on a boat near by. Will you get angry back at them and argue and bicker and make the waves around them bigger? Will you add to the chaos in their day, their life, their existence? Will you ignore the opportunity God is giving you? Every action and reaction is a witness to the character of God in us. Will you keep on sailing by comfy in your boat? Will you keep the truth to yourself? Or will you get out of the boat and reach out your hand? Will you offer them safety? Will you share what can save them?
Every situation we face in this life is a chance to “get out of the boat.”
Every time we come up against a trial or we face the enemy either in the form of our thoughts or a person or situation we have the chance to trust God have faith in what He is teaching us and face that enemy. Recognize that our “enemies (the object the enemy uses, person or other wise) are to be loved” and the enemy (the devil) is to be defeated by that love.

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