Mongolia (part 2) 

As I was writing this post yesterday something distracted me and poof…. No more blog post. It helped me remember some of the things God was showing me while I was in Mongolia.

There everything was very focused. My time had purpose and the things I was doing all had a common goal. Teach English, share Christ. It was really that simple. We spent time with our students in school and outside of school. And every moment we where together was time to practice English and an opportunity to share love with them and work our faith into conversations.

I would love to at some point get into all the details about the crazy amusement park we went to or share with you about the fun games we played at camp. But, for right now. I want to keep this simple.

The lessons on staying focused and working effectively have spoken so strongly to me that it has me reevaluating everything I am doing in in my life.

I feel the Lord saying STOP being so busy and get to work. If we are busy running all over the place trying to make others happy or being involved in too many things we don’t have anything to offer any of those things. We are so stretched thin we have little to offer. When we earnestly seek God and ask for direction. We need to realize that when He speaks that’s the answer. Not here’s your calling now fill in every spare moment with other things to keep your brain occupied.

I’m speaking from how I have delt with my life. Too busy to be effective. Time to slow down and take another look at the directions God has given me. One step at a time.

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