I recently found myself saying “I feel like I’m doing all the things someone who perseveres would do, only I haven’t accomplished my goal and persevered yet!”

Then I looked up the definition of perseverance. Funny thing

If you read this, persevering is nothing more then a fancy word for KEEP ON SWIMMING!  It says continued effort despite difficulties or FAILURE. 
Not that I have failed. We only fail when we decided to stop swimming. When we no longer continue to try, when we cease making an effort. The enemy (the devil and my flesh that loves to be lazy) would have me believe that because something is hard and takes time and patience that I am doing something wrong or I would have meet my goal already. The truth is, some things take a lot of planning and they take time to develop. The time is not wasted and spent in vain. It is necessary and wise to plan completely.

My past attitude was one of instant gratification and all or nothing. God is growing me and showing me persistence, patience and balance. All those things are completely out of my comfort zone. I want it now and at a low cost. God wants these same things from me but in the future and at its highest quality. God help me wait on you so I can have your best for me and not my half measure, rushed together, poorly planned lame idea of a future. Thankful you know better then me.


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