World travel? Who me?! 

A good part of my life (so far) was spent day dreaming and wishing I could travel. It was spent at bars drinking with friends talking about all the places in the world we would love to see, “too bad that will never happen.” We would talk for hours about how great it would be to see Europe or Africa would be great to visit. If only we weren’t broke. We would laugh and order another round and go back to complaining about our jobs and how much we make. We would dream up new jobs that we wish we could find. Even though none of us were qualified.

Used to say things like if I could just get a better job that paid me more money and gave me more time off I could go do what I want to do. I would travel more and do exciting things. Getting paid more to do less. The American Dream.

Then God got a hold of my life. At the bottom of a dark time with the only option being to look up to Him, He pulled me out of the rubble I had caused for myself and dusted me off and said. “I have a better plan.” Broken and honestly no other options I made the choice to listen.

Faith is a choice. It isn’t some magical thing that just happens to you. Amazing supernatural things happen in faith, but only AFTER you choose to believe. God said He had a better way. Despite the lack of proof presented to me at the time I was desperate and  said “I have nothing to loose, I might as well believe.” I even asked God to show me how to believe. I was still skeptical. I had nothing to offer anyone. I wasn’t the smartest person, I wasn’t organized, I had no drive to do anything. I was just sitting around existing in this world.

God started to show me my identity does not come from my work, my paycheck, or what other people think of me. My identity isn’t in events from my past or who others think I should be in the future. My identity is who I am with Him (God) now. He created me to be something very specific before time even begin. Why would He do that if I was just out here to exist and live out a boring mundane life? Seems sorta silly to me.

The more I blindly followed in faith, the more exciting things became for me and the more I realized what I have to offer. Only its not me offering anything it’s God working through me that benefits people. He has gifted me uniquely to do the things I love and am good at. He made me that way. I just don’t realize it or know how to use those gifts. When in doubt refer  to the owners manual.

Section Jer 29.11 – I know the plans I have for you.

Section Phil 4:6- be anxious for nothing

Section John 8:32 the truth will set you free

The truth of who I am and what my life is for changed every part of my life for the better forever.
Now I have conversations about which country I’m going to next and it’s actually  happening. People now invite me to things at home and say “it would be great if you can come, if your in the country.” It is sort of unbelievable. I have been blessed with opportunities this year that at one time in life seemed like things I could only dream of doing in some far off parallel universe where everything was awesome. Well, that universe has a name and it’s Faith! I feel as though ever sense I found my faith in Christ I have been sent to parsley universe far better then the one I originated in. So world travel? Yes please! Maybe not forever and maybe not ever again after this but this season is one of coming and going living and exploring! Can’t wait to see how God grows me during this time away. Excited for what the future hold after!

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