Taking back your schedule

A long time ago I sat down and made a giant list of things to write about, given I ever found any time to write. I thought it appropriate the first topic I would pick would be about taking your schedule back!

I have made a bunch of changes in the way I do things and have given myself permission to take a step back and look at what the heck I’m so “busy” doing. Why does my calendar look like I’m tracking the activity of 10 people?

After all I’m a human being not a human doing.

I had a friend give me a phrase once. She felt God wanted me to know I just need to Be. Just Be. There’s a thought. But what does that mean? Just Be?

Well we can start with what it isn’t.

It isn’t – Just be busy?

We all have a lot of things to do and lots of people who count on us to do them. But, there is a fine line between productive work and being “busy” just for the sake of being occupied. Why are we so afraid to just sit still? I can only speak for myself and say my number one reason is feel guilty when I relax or do nothing. We will get back to that later.

Don’t get me wrong I do have a lot on my plate with running a growing business with my husband. I am four administrative departments rolled into one, I multitask while I’m multitasking, and do it fairly effectively. But how much on that plate is necessary? How many of the things on my To Do List are mission critical? What are those tasks accomplishing? Do those things need accomplished? Right now?

To talk to me you would think the answer to all those questions is YES! You would think that if I didn’t do X, Y, Z (what ever tasks I’m focused on for the moment) right now the world would implode! Honestly, in my defense it fells like it would at times. But, what was this list of things? Who made them mine to take care of? Who put the urgency on the task? Am I even the best person for the job?

What I found was the things on the list are usually very important. But, I put them on my plate, I let them seem looming and urgent, and honestly someone else could probably do them better. So, when I looked at it that way I realize I’m my own worsts enemy. When you’re your own boss and you wake up at 4:30am and troll the internet for other jobs, it’s time for a change! And not a career change. (Yes, that actually happened). I stressed myself out so bad I couldn’t sleep with all the worry and crazy thought about how this or that would turn out. So, I sat up and googled job openings that fit what I currently do.

It did help me realize how valuable I am! I couldn’t afford to replace me in a million years! Lol

So Just being is not BUSY.

It isn’t- just be what we think everyone else wants us to be.

Who am I anyway?

I promise this rabbit hole ends with ways to take back your schedule. We have to see what we are doing and why before we can step back from anything. We want to free up time and feel good about it. Not let the proverbial ball drop and drop the tasks we need to and should get done.

Ok, so who am I? Accountant? Marketing Director? Director or Ops? Booking agent? Accounts payable? Corporate trainer? Business developer? IT professional? If your a small business owner like me and and my husband the answer is YES! To all the above.

I have lived my entire life going to a job with a clear job description and a training manual telling me my responsibilities, the guidelines for the scope of my position and the expectations I’m to meet. I have had upper management to lean on in times of doubt when learning new things in those jobs. Now, well YOUR ON YOUR OWN. Yippy, the day has finally come. I’m my own boss I live by my own rules, I make my own schedule! How liberating and exciting and wait a minute…. terrifying. No one to hold me accountable (well my husband does a great job at this) but in most cases we can do whatever we want when ever we want. As long as our enormous amount of overhead stays paid and all 13 employees are getting along and there is money in the bank for payroll to clear. NO PRESSURE. 13 people’s livelihoods depend on your decisions. Some freedom. Haha

Wouldn’t have it any other way realtor. But it is way different then I ever imagined business ownership would look like.

Back to the business of taking back our schedules. First up is figuring out what really needs done. And if it needs done by you or if it should be left for someone else or just doesn’t really matter. I feel an enormous amount of pressure somedays to do things that when I step back I’m not sure why I thought they where so important. Honestly, I think some of those things fill space that could be spend being normal. Like going to the gym or keeping connected with friends. I feel like the business needs constant attention or if I’m not thinking about something or working on improving it something will slip past my notice and the entire ball of wax will go up in flames. That is not true of course.

I talk to Mother’s that get this feeling to. Any spare moment is taken up with dishes or laundry or getting the shopping done. All stuff that needs done but does it constantly need done. Can they sit a day while you take and hour to your self. Will the house explode if the clothes don’t get put away.

These are all things my sister a stay at home mother of 3 confessed she worries about. We all keep our days crammed full of busy.

Honestly when I get s chance to relax, I don’t even know how. Relaxing has actually stressed me out because it’s become so foreign to me.

When I was traveling I was so fluid, fo with the flow and let the Lord lead me. Now I’m consumed with busy.

Well it’s time to stop, check my lists, see what I’m doing and why. Then make the choice. Does it need done at all? By me? If not then who? How many hours of my life can I free up to learn how to relax again.

So far, 14 this month. I hired an accounting assistant and she spent 14 in the last 2 weeks doing things I used to do. But, what happened. I filled that 14 hours right back up. And with what? Do I need to do those things?

Slowly I hope that by doing this enough times I will learn to delegate more, stress less and become “normal” again. Whatever that means.

I’m tired of not sleeping, I’m tired of chasing ideas. I’m tired of “fixing” things.

Lord help me let go, help me to focus on you again. Help me to free up my schedule and have fun again, help me find more joy in what I do. Help me find the me you want me to Just Be.