Se7en Partners

***This page is under construction***

Coming soon, we will have descriptions and contact information for all the organizations we will be partnering with for 2016. For information on how you can get involved with any of these organizations please message Jessica Love at

or contact the organization directly using the links (soon to be provided)


TIN   ROOF  SOCIETY And what they DO.

Trying to meet the needs of the world around you can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Who do you partner with? Do you even have anything to offer?

We don’t think it should be so hard. We exist to Connect Generosity with Opportunity to help simplify this process. We do this by partnering with organizations and individuals around the world to:

  • Accomplish projects and fund programs.
  • Help donors know where they can maximize their donations.
  • Build relationships and expand networks.
  • Lead trips to empower people to get involved hands-on.

UnChained Love

Remember Nhu

Ralley for Recovery

International Workers

Cross Purpose Ministry


2 thoughts on “Se7en Partners

  1. Nathan Sheriff says:

    The unveiling of this website is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the amount of blessings & oppurtunity the Lord is opening up for you and those surrounding your Vision. There is no limit nor end to his love for you and Se7en Missions.

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