The business of business (in faith) 

I’m writing this because business is confusing. At least for me, I’m not a business person. But, I feel God has called me to start a business. Not a non profit just a regular old business.
So, you mix faith in things “unseen” with money and business plans and partnership agreement of the “seen” and you get one wacky balance of things. At least I’m trying to keep them in balance.

So, business partner, check! Got one of those, now what do I do with them? Well we need a partnership agreement I suppose and we need to figure out our business structure. Sounds pretty easy. Just write down every single detail of how you make decisions and settle disputes and try to cover all your bases so you don’t have issues in the future. How hard and time consuming could that possibly be? 😳

Thankfully I have a great partner and another on their way. Should probably put a clause in the partnership agreement about me blogging about our business shenanigans.

Now time to figure out what in the world a dividend is and how to make stock available. Seems a little over board but in order to make the right choice the first step is knowing your options!

God help me to follow your will in this, keeping my eyes on you and following your lead. Help me to use the resources you have given me and knowledge I have to do the work to get me where you want me. Amen!