Airport cafe- Next part of the journey

I am so sad to leave the beautiful country I have called home for over a month on this journey. The friends I have made are sure to be life long friends. Our connection to eachother is amazing. We can hardly understand eachother at times, yet we have enjoyed every moment we were together.

I’m sitting here alone drinking my cafe Americana in the Chinngis Khann international airport. The rest of my team is sitting and chatting for what will be one of the last times we see eachother. I am sitting and thinking of what this trip has changed in me. I honestly don’t know yet. When I came I had a list of expectations. Some crazy and some realistic. Some have been met, some have not and many of my experiences have exceeded my expectations a thousand times over.

I have learned I don’t know anything about the language I have spoken my whole life. Yet, I am able to teach it. I have learned that pride is the deepest darkest of all the sins and faults. It is a daunting foe and rises when it is least expected. Most the time it’s so subtle I can only see it when God reveals it to me in our secret conversations held deep in my mind. Despite my faults God can and will use me in any manner He chooses. I’m just blessed to sit back and watch my Father weave the majestic tapestry He graciously allows me to be a thread in.

The things I am discovering I am capable of with Him running the show continually take my breath away. I never in a thousand years would have thought I would have spent my summer as I just have. People say trips like this change you forever. And I know that I have been changed. I can’t put my finger on the exact points of transformation. But, I know I have been altered by God, I have been influenced by an amazing culture and I have been adopted by some amazing people.

It’s my birthday today. And even though my family is far away and it will still be a few days before I see them. I have a new family here who has blessed me and made me feel loved and cared for. My room mates blessed me with a bed full of balloons and streamers! That was a cute thing to wake up too. And my students made picture collages and posted birthday wishes on Facebook for me. I sit in the airport in tears. Sad for one part of my life to end but happy to return home. I feel as though I am a part of two different worlds that can’t exist at the same time.

I know this is not the “end” of one thing and the beginning of another, it is simply a cup of coffee in an airport waiting for the next leg of the journey…