Ways you can help

Ways to contribute to Se7en Missions

  • Pray for our mission, we are looking for resources and locations to host events, we are seeking ministry partners as well as people in need.  Pray for those, this ministry will reach and that their hearts and lives are transformed.  Also,prayer for every aspect of getting the coffee shop open. Location, provision, workers and equipment. Pray that God would open doors and light the way.
  • Support our events and share them with friends. We count on social media and word of mouth to spread our mission and to get people involved in our events. Please share our mission with everyone you meet.
  • “Like” us on Facebook and “Share: our events and invite others. https://www.facebook.com/Se7enGallery
  • Giving: we have many items each month we collect for the ministries we support. Fell free to bring these to any event. To make a financial contribution please visit our Go Fund me page – coming soon. 
  • For details on how to become a monthly supporter of  Se7en or how partnering with Se7en could benefit your business please send an email to Se7enmissions@gmail.com and  request sponsorship information.
  • Become a part of our community: We wish for everyone who comes to our events to be a part of a bigger closer community. Share your ideas and passions with us and help us spread Gods love through your desire to grow and serve and put those gifts God gave you to use.

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